Clear & Ceramic Braces in Lucas

All You See is a Beautiful Smile

If traditional braces aren’t a good fit for our patients’ priorities and self-image, we encourage them to consider clear/ceramic braces as an attractive alternative. This orthodontic service combines the enduring effectiveness of brackets and wires with the subtle beauty of high-quality, tooth-colored materials. This option is available for adults and teenagers, so don’t hesitate to contact OPD Smiles if you’d like to explore the details further. Dr. Michael wants to help every patient discover the personalized treatment plan that helps them achieve the smile they want in the way they want it.

How Do Clear/Ceramic Braces Work?

Closeup of smile with ceramic braces

This style of orthodontic treatment works in the same way as traditional braces. Brackets are attached to the tooth surfaces and connected to orthodontic wires with elastics, which gradually guide the teeth towards their desired positioning. Instead of a noticeable metal color, though, these same components can be crafted from tooth-colored ceramics and/or clear materials that blend right in with your natural smile. While your new braces won’t be entirely invisible, it’s much less likely that they will noticed by most people you see in a day.

Because of the nature of clear/ceramic braces, it’s important to keep in mind that the elastic ties may become discolored during treatment – they will be replaced on a regular basis by Dr. Michael. Additionally, ceramic braces can be less durable than their metal counterparts, which is why adults and responsible teenagers are the ideal candidates.

What are the Benefits of Clear/Ceramic Braces?

Closeup of smile with tooth-colored braces

Obviously, the biggest benefit of this orthodontic treatment is the aesthetic value. Our patients can go about their daily life with a much stronger sense of confidence and enthusiasm because they’re not constantly worrying about whether others are staring at their metal braces. Some patients feel that this style is more comfortable and creates less irritation over time as well.

Additionally, clear/ceramic braces provide a cool opportunity for teenagers to play around with different-colored elastics! Because the brackets and wires are so subtle, these dynamic additions to patients’ smiles can create striking appearances that help them express their unique personalities.

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