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OPD Smiles is committed to changing our patients’ lives through personalized orthodontic solutions. Besides braces for kids, teens, and adults, we also provide a variety of oral appliances to invest in a healthy, beautiful smile. No matter if you need spacers or a retainer in Allen, we use high-quality material to create the effective, comfortable appliances you and your loved ones need.


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After finishing your orthodontic treatment with braces, a retainer is an important part of maintaining your new smile. The custom-fabricated device prevents the teeth from moving back into their previous positions. We take an impression of your newly straightened teeth to craft it from an acrylic and wire material in a dental lab.

There are two types of retainers available: fixed and removable. A fixed retainer is a thin wire worn across the backside of the teeth and bonded in place. A removable retainer uses a combination of acrylic and wire, which allows it to clasp onto the teeth or hooks to hold it in place. We determine which one best meets your needs and how long it will need to be worn.

Palatal Expanders

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A palatal expander is used for children who have not finished growing to gradually widen their upper jaw. This may sound scary, but the treatment is actually quite common and causes little discomfort. It is used before the two bones in the upper jaw fuse together, which tends to occur after puberty.

There are three common situations that can require a palatal expander: cross bite, crowding, or impacted teeth. The custom-made device fits over the top teeth in the back of the mouth, which contains a screw that is turned using a special key to move the palatal bones further apart. After the correct width is achieved, it is left in place for several months to stabilize the expansion.

Space Maintainers

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If your child loses a baby tooth too soon, you may not think it is a large concern because it will eventually be replaced by an adult tooth. Unfortunately, it can have lasting consequences for their oral health and development. To prevent complications, a space maintainer is used. This helps guide the permanent teeth into the right positions when a baby tooth has been lost too early.

The oral appliances are made from an acrylic or metal material. They play a valuable role in the development of a child’s muscles and jawbones if they have lost a primary tooth. There are two types of space maintainers: removable and fixed. A removable one is made from acrylic and can feature an artificial tooth. A fixed spacer is cemented in place to hold the space open.

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Your orthodontist in Allen, Dr. Michael Choy, treats patients of all ages. He creates the individualized solutions you and your loved ones need to achieve lasting healthy, beautiful smiles. If you or your child needs an oral appliance, contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

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