Orthodontics for Lucas Kids

Helping Children Love Their Smiles is Just What We Do

Could your child benefit from orthodontic treatment? There are many reasons why this transformative care is valuable, from improving overall bite and jaw growth to giving your loved one’s self-confidence a much-needed boost. At OPD Smiles Dr. Michael strongly recommends that parents schedule their loved one’s first screening around the age of seven. By this stage, their oral structures have grown enough that we can determine the nature of future development and pinpoint any serious concerns. This means that treatment can be simpler, less extensive, and more successful!

In most cases, children can benefit from a two-phase orthodontic process. If you’d like to learn more or schedule a visit please don’t hesitate to contact the practice.

What Happens During Phase I Orthodontics?

Young girl with oral appliance

Phase I treatment will usually begin when your child still has most of their primary teeth. Dr. Michael prescribes certain orthodontic appliances (such as space maintainers or palatal expanders) that will intercept current oral developments and situate them back on the right track.

There are several goals that our team hopes to accomplish with Phase 1 treatment, including:

What Happens During Phase II Orthodontics?

Teen boy with braces

Phase II treatment, which features traditional braces, will get the green light when your son or daughter’s adult teeth are all settled in place. Our goals for this type of treatment include:

Children who undergo both phases of orthodontic care are more likely on average to enjoy longer-lasting and more successful smile improvements. We look forward to meeting your whole family!

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