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At OPD Smiles, we love helping children get started on the right path towards lifelong oral health as early as possible! Our team has worked hard to create a fun and comfortable office environment where young patients of all ages can feel right at home. Plus, our wide array of pediatric services has their smile’s developing needs covered at every stage, from essentials like checkups and cleanings to advanced care like extractions.

As a Board-Certified pediatric dentist, Dr. Russell Choy has undergone rigorous examinations and years of specialty training in order to provide the best care possible for his special patients. Rest assured that when you bring your son or daughter in for an appointment, they’ll be receiving personalized, compassionate attention that is truly top of the line.

Our Lucas, Texas pediatric dentistry and orthodontics practice proudly provides free second opinions. Please contact us today if you’re ready to schedule a first visit.

Preventive Treatment

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With consistent oral hygiene at home and routine preventive visits to Dr. Russell, your child can easily enjoy a lifetime of healthy, beautiful smiles. He can provide thorough checkups and cleanings that can keep cavities away and prevent small dental problems from becoming larger headaches later on. For younger children, Dr. Russell will introduce them to dentistry slowly so they can easily feel comfortable in the office. All it takes is just two appointments each year to help them enjoy a problem-free smile!

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Cavity Treatment

Relaxing boy in dental chair with hands behind head

Children can develop dental problems due to decay or accidents just like adults, and at OPD Smiles, Dr. Russell is able to provide the custom-made solutions our young patients need to renew their damaged teeth. Using a gentle touch and the most lifelike materials available, he can relieve a child’s dental pain and restore the appearance and function of their smile at the same time. With Dr. Russell, you can trust that your child will get the kind of care that is comfortable, looks natural, and can be trusted to last.

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Sedation Dentistry

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Helping your loved one feel genuinely comfortable and at ease whenever they’re at our practice is very important. While our staff is exceedingly friendly and gentle, we understand that these efforts may not always be enough to prevent children from becoming scared or agitated. In this case, several methods of sedation dentistry are available to help them stay safe throughout even the most extensive treatment plans. Dr. Russell can review the options with parents in greater detail during an initial visit.

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Emergency Care

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It’s very common for children to injure their teeth or develop a severe toothache, and in either case, they need immediate dental care in order to relieve their pain and stop the problem from becoming much worse. During these stressful situations, parents in Lucas can breathe easy, because emergency pediatric dentistry is just a phone call away. If your child needs urgent dental care, just give our office a call, and we’ll work to see them as soon as possible.

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